About Indo Laboratories

The idea for Indo Labs was conceived in 2016 as a major bottleneck was identified in providing compliance testing for licensed cultivators and product manufacturers in Massachusetts. 

Cannabis analytical testing is an essential part of the legal marijuana industry, with mandates requiring that certain compliance criteria are met using a third-party, independent testing laboratory. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, the testing sector needs to keep up with the rapid influx and variety of products that require testing prior to sale. This bottleneck in the industry has created a significant challenge not only for the producers and distributors (by delaying production and sales), but the ability for patients and consumers to purchase high quality, safe product. This significant gap can lead to exceptionally long lead times for results, as well as variability between initial result and the shelf stability of product.

In addition to medicinal and recreational cannabis, Indo Labs offers CBD testing services. In 2018, federal lawmakers passed the Farm Bill, which separated hemp from the legal definition of marijuana, making it legal to manufacture and buy anywhere in the United States. CBD is not considered a food or dietary supplement, so there are not strict regulations or testing requirements for the products. The FDA can only go so far as warning companies against making any type of marketing claims regarding what the product can do for a person’s health, as well as account for harmful byproducts of hemp cultivation, such as uptake of heavy metals into the plant. The fact that CBD product potency, efficacy and safety are already being acknowledged as an issue means that laboratory testing is not only becoming a benefit to refining product formulation, but will inevitably require compliance testing as well.

The mission of Indo Labs is to elevate and standardize the science of Cannabis testing, to advance the legitimacy of the industry, and enable the proliferation of safe consumer access. We plan to achieve these results by utilizing the most advanced and reliable analytical equipment combining automation and scientific rigor in our methods and processes. Continuous improvement to these methods and processes will maximize both laboratory throughput to meet and exceed the demands of the industry, but will ensure short turn-around times while also providing reliable, accurate results presented in a straight-forward format as a final Certificate of Analysis.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced professionals with prior production laboratory, compliance, biotechnology, and Cannabis experience. We pride ourselves on the rigorous attention to detail to provide results that you can trust utilizing state of the art technology.

Employment Opportunities

Indo Laboratories is always looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you are interested, please send a cover letter and resume to info@indolaboratories.com.